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An introduction of money in 600 BC was the start of a new age. Gold, silver, and copper made trading easy. Of course, there were those who doubted. They doubted that the gold is not the real one. Some suspected that the value would drop. It is because fraudulent activities were all time present. The inflation, too.


But the ease of trade is triggering the new inventions. For larger transactions, the Chinese invented the paper money in 600 AD. With the introduction of paper money, traders didn't have to carry copper money. It was a form of a written statement that someone of trust is guarding their copper money. And an act of transferring statement was an act of money transfer.
But the world had to wait for another 1000 years since for the acceptance across the globe. The time between the innovation and adoption is getting shorter. As a result, credit cards needed 60 years and Mobile banking around 20. 


Bitcoin appeared ten years ago, and finally, it is gaining its foothold. It is because more and more people are using cryptocurrencies. Those believe that they will change the paper money and cards. Many of them think that if merchants accept cryptocurrencies, this will soon be a reality. Still, cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and merchants are not willing to accept them. It is because the value can drop and the merchant can end up not having enough money to pay the suppliers. High risk associated with cryptocurrencies is keeping them from everyday trade. Same happened to the first coins, and also to the first paper money.


Whether you support acceptance of crypto or not, you can sell to those who have them. And receive money in any currency you prefer. At Bithippo, e-commerce cryptocurrency platform, you can sell like at any e-commerce website. The only difference is the audience and willingness to spend.
We address people who are owners of cryptocurrencies. Those are the ones willing to take risks of new technologies. But also those who want to go shopping using the cryptocurrency. Electronics, apparel, luggage or toys. Do you have products for those?


It is simple to start selling products on e-commerce cryptocurrency platform. After registering on the platform, you can choose products that you are willing to sell. Sharing return and refund policies are a must, as well as information about the shipment.
When you become our merchant partner, you will have access to the new type of customers.
With e-commerce cryptocurrency platform, you are expanding your market.

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