Buy products on e-commerce cryptocurrency website

BitHippo strives to make buying products with cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. For the customer point of view, product listing is in USD, but the payment is with the cryptocurrency. This exchange happens in real-time by rates from our payment partner - Coingate.

Coingate works as a payment gateway for Bitcoin and 50 other cryptocurrencies. It is responsive to provide the best conversion possible for you as a customer who wants to use any cryptocurrency as a payment.

Our cryptocurrency conversion integration is easy and especially secure. It is because whenever someone pays with a cryptocurrency, the rate locks for 20 minutes. It is a form of guaranty to the customer to have that window of time to do the actual transaction of funds. We are securing the customers of any volatility from the cryptocurrency market.


Our calculator synchronizes with online currency exchanges, but we don't guarantee their accuracy. Thus, every rate is only for information purposes. And it is subject to change without prior notice. We are not offering to enter into any transaction at any rate displayed. These rates present composite prices, and you should not use them in investment purposes. Our payment partner Coingate determines the price of the product. Also locking the price for 20 minutes when the transaction should take place.

Expect that this model will further improve. At BitHippo we are following the latest trends in the blockchain. As a result, our e-commerce cryptocurrency platform will include many new solutions.


The regular check of the rates ( provides insight on the market trends. When the value of your crypto falls, do visit our e-commerce cryptocurrency platform. Because buying products that will keep the value is the way to survive the market crisis. We are stating the simple fact that the word 'currency' means that you could trade currency for a product. And you decide upon the future product value.