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Bithippo connects buyers who own cryptocurrencies with established merchants. Finally, it is easy to buy the product you love with the cryptocurrency you own.


If you own cryptocurrencies, it is time to put them into use

Up until now, established merchants were afraid to accept cryptocurrencies. But they were superb in delivery and customer support. Our e-commerce cryptocurrency platform solved their problem. We are providing the best product’s price and delivery like for any other premium e-commerce.

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Browse our e-commerce cryptocurrency platform and find the products you love. After you pay with your cryptocurrency, BitHippo settles the payment with the merchant. Because of that, the products will be delivered directly after a successful purchase.

We accept the 50 most popular cryptocurrencies

Pay with cryptocurrencies you own

Cryptocurrency is not only about Bitcoin. Our e-commerce cryptocurrency platform enables buying with Bitcoin and the 50 most popular cryptocurrencies. It also allows buying with any other supported token. The future of cryptocurrency is not about handling one currency, we believe that you will have a variety of cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

By making the e-commerce cryptocurrency platform, we made it possible.

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