The Aha-moment that launched BitHippo

Before any form of money, the word barter was a synonym for trade. Nowadays, business is an item-for-item exchange that excludes currencies. Bitcoin is here since 2008. Still, most of the cryptocurrency's only use is the exchange for another currency. This exchange is well known as trading with securities.
The reason for this is that the cryptocurrency market is still volatile. And the main reason for volatility is that merchants are not accepting cryptocurrencies. Merchants are accepting only regular, "fiat" currencies. It is the reason why the adaptability to use any cryptocurrency is hard. 

"How to put 'currency' into crypto"

Imagine a pleasant afternoon and the usual rants about crypto and blockchain. One that brought up the reasonable question, quoting: “Why is it even called a ‘currency’ when it’s pretty much impossible to buy stuff/products with it? I want to buy a pillow, but there are no pillow stores that accept my bitcoin!”. 

This question needed an answer. What do we need to put back the word "currency" into cryptocurrency? An e-commerce cryptocurrency website where people can “actually buy stuff." Would be best if that one will combine the best merchants from all around the world, too.

Mathias, one of the founders of BitHippo, developed a platform with his team inspired by abovementioned questions. They created e-commerce that suits the need of everybody’s fathers and cryptocurrency owners. They are on a mission to create an e-commerce cryptocurrency platform that is disrupting the market, ready to start the revolution.

BitHippo for everyone

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and the volatility of the market will change in the future. The way we perform transactions worldwide will change, too. BitHippo is helping cryptocurrencies in paving the way for global acceptance. Also giving currency owners an alternative to exchange the cryptocurrency for products.
At the e-commerce cryptocurrency website, people can buy everyday products. An established global network of merchants is providing these products. Selling at a fair price and also without a transaction fee, using the real power of the blockchain. 

Hodl or use the cryptocurrency?

A wide selection of products is providing a new type of preservation of value. If you buy a product that will gain or sustain value over time, it could consider holding the value. Consider BitHippo as trusted advisor and e-commerce cryptocurrency portal as first shopping stop. Open up the account and join the revolution BitHippo is bringing.